The Complete Wellness Bundle 3

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Do you often feel that living a healthy lifestyle is hard? Are you fighting an uphill battle to eat real food and live a healthier lifestyle? Do you need someone to cheer you on and offer support? I understand! You need encouragement, resources you can trust and a plethora of ideas for achieving your goals… we… 

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Just Moved!

It has been over a month of beautiful craziness since we moved into our new home. We often feel like we are way over our heads trying to get various projects finished, but we are thrilled to finally be in our home. The first home that we can call “ours”. Our home! After almost 12 years of… 

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How to Pack Your Kids’ Clothes & Keep it Organized

  I spend most of yesterday filling up 6 suitcases & 5 carry-ons full of freshly roasted coffee (want to buy some?!), handmade products from our trade school, gifts for our supporters, random things and in the midst of all those stuff… our clothes.  How often do you find yourself going crazy trying to keep… 

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If you are willing

With the morning sun caressing my face, I prepared to read the section of verses for my quiet time in the Word. What I read stilled and pierced my heart… “In one of the villages, Jesus met a man with an advanced case of leprosy. When the man saw Jesus, he bowed with his face… 

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Easy Roasted Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream (dairy-free & sugar-free)

Summer is in full swing. The ice cream truck is playing its music on every street. Fresh watermelons abound. Swimming pools are full everyday of the week. Books beckon to be read & cherished. The light of day lasts longer. Fireflies fly lazily about when the night finally falls. Mosquitos swarm around for blood. The… 

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Pregnancy Notes: DIY Natural Nipple Cream {recipe}

Let’s be honest… breastfeeding can be painful. Especially the first week and when your baby starts teething! When I was pregnant with #1, I had romancing visions of happily cuddling & nursing my sweet little baby… oh man, all that went out the window at the first latch. After the first few nursings… my nipples were painfully sore… 

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Pregnancy Notes: Postpartum Herbal Sitz Bath {recipe}

Herbal sitz baths are extremely soothing, relaxing, healing and a great way to pamper a new mama after going through the tiring workout of laboring and birthing a little baby. What are Sitz Baths? Some of you might have never heard of a sitz bath. I sure didn’t know heck about it until my midwife explain it… 

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Making the Adobe Bricks

So, exciting news… the roof is about 1/2 way done! We just need to put up the tiles and skylights to finish up. I will put up pictures later. Please continue to pray for God’s provision as we move forward to finish our home! Today, I want to share a little bit of what I learned about… 

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You’ve Got Ice Cream Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Ever since I first published the ice cream ebook… I have been asked question after question from those who were wanting to buy the book, but needed to know specific things before making a purchase. Honestly, I loved getting their questions and replying back with answers to help them take a step forward to start… 

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5 Ways I Can Help You Make Fast & Delicious Ice Cream At Home With or Without Machine

After years of many failures and successes, plus writing an ebook devoted wholly to ice cream, I have learned several ways (or tricks, really) that you can use to get consistent results for creamy, delicious ice cream… especially, the fast way. We all know that texture & flavor is pretty important when it comes to making… 

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